Lindsay Eberts

Starling Film House

Film Producing & Consulting


I am a British-Canadian short film producer based in Los Angeles.

I use my experience growing up in a family in the industry, on sets, working for and attending top tier film festivals and producing films to help creators hone in on long-term career strategy by breaking down the journey into clear steps. I help creators find their audiences and plan the next steps for their careers and projects. 





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  • Introductory Strategy Call for Film Projects & Filmmaking Careers

    40 min

  • A brainstorm session on your current career status or project goals

    1 hr

    90 US dollars
  • See your progress ramp up by dedicating 4 hours towards your goals or ...

    1 hr

    Plan Holders Only


Frances Ebbrell, Founder, Cooper Street Productions, Ottawa, Ontario


"When I finish a session with Lindsay, I am EVEN MORE excited about my future, because she helps me see the path clearly. Her enthusiasm is delicious, and her knowledge is beyond anything I could have hoped for. Last week, she helped me create a video for my company that spoke to my audience. Within 24 hours of publishing the video I had my first sale from it worth thousands of dollars."


Brandon Demchek, Director/Writer, Los Angeles, CA


"I brought my rough cut to Lindsay when I was feeling a bit stuck about where to take the film next. Through a series of questions and detailed feedback, she helped me refine my vision and get excited about the next steps. Our sessions me gave energy to push through finishing the film. Lindsay is in my corner, and it helps so much to have someone to go to for help on my project."


Oliver Warden, Art Director, Writer, Los Angeles, CA


"Lindsay has the unique skill of assessing what's needed to accomplish your goal is the most efficient and thoughtful way. Her championing of the creative spirit is matched by her integrity and love for the medium of film."


Matt West, Director, Producer, DP, Ottawa, Ontario


 "What is amazing about Lindsay is that she immediately focuses you on the task at hand. At the same time, she makes you believe in yourself. There are many peaks and valley’s in this business but with Lindsay, she helps you climb that mountain and stay on top. Lindsay dialed me into exactly what I needed to do and she fully rejuvenated my desire to go for it NOW! Lindsay listens, advises and fuels the artist within. Amazing."


Derick Lengwenus, Comedian, Writer, Chicago, IL


"Lindsay’s expertise and thoughtful consulting gave me the confidence I needed to get my script in front of key decision-makers.  Her sessions gave me insight into how films get made and how to present my project in the best possible light by avoiding the many pitfalls that confront new scriptwriters like myself.  Her knowledge was comprehensive and indispensable.  Let’s just say the learning curve got a lot steeper after I met with Lindsay."


Shannon Hamblin, Writer Director, Los Angeles, CA

"Lindsay is a valuable resource for festival information and production contacts, and almost more importantly she is encouraging and supportive throughout the challenging process of film making."